Having less interests and not doing much during the day

I have less interests and haven’t really been doing anything. I used to listen to music a lot and watch some shows. I have just been laying in bed all day doing nothing much. It seems after I went to the psych ward, I have been losing interest in doing things.

My day would go like this: wake up and try to go back to sleep most of the day. I would try to listen to music or watch a show but it’s harder to get into it. I’m currently looking for a job too.


Well that sounds like me for the first few years after the psychosis. Ask your doctor about lowering your dose.

Are you feeling depressed?


I feel like I am. It feels like life is passing me by.

Are you better now?

Maybe you need an antidepressant

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I don’t feel I need that.

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Can you talk to a counselor?

Sounds like you have a good taste of negative symptoms and apathy Wich is from the meds. I would tell your pych doc about your symptoms.

A job will help a lot!

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Apathy is dose dependent in my experience. I would recommend to gradually try reduce your dosage as much as possible with your doctors concent. If it still does not work out you could always try a different medication.

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It can also be from schizophrenia and depression.

Yes, but still feel like I have room to improve.

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