I'll freak out this night (stopped periods)

OK… I am really concerned that I don’t have my periods anymore and it’s the meds, I am sure. I am 37 years old… And I’ll put some more time to recover, maybe years… First, I should be messed up hormonally by this thing and secundo, maybe I’ll want kids one day… OK, I am very anguished by all this now, but even a normie woman would have gone mad in my place… Really! :cry: Gosh…
I hate the gynecologists right now… But can my generalist prescribe me pills to get my periods back or its a tricky thing when the cause is my zyprexa? Who is on pills here for periods please? Plus - are there pills who provoke periods? Sorry that I talk about this here, but I want to die from grief now… ■■■■ my mother who never thought of helping my mental condition before… She with my dad suck. My dad was a psycho and no matter that I want to remain good and calm girl, with this period thing my future is terrible… Gosh, really… I have nothing in life. I’ll put years to make recover my body too cause my illness is still destroying it :confused:. Girls, talk me about the provoking period pills, can a gp prescribe them, are you content by them and why exactly zyprexa stops the periods if you know it?..

I think it’s the elevated prolactin due to low dopamine that causes periods to stop. In men it causes sexual dysfunction and low testosterone. Maybe in women it affects estrogen. I quit my meds cos I couldn’t cope with the side effects any longer. ■■■■ aps.

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I had no periodsfor a year on risperidone
I thoughtitmeant I t prevented me fton having a baby but i thiuht i wantedthem but i cant or do t want them anyway
Th3 pills I tried afterthe left me unwell for a year I now have periods and the edf med for me

I don’t have periods anymore because of the meds. Don’t know if you can take a pill to give you periods, but if you really want children then maybe you can change meds when that day comes.

I’m quite happy to not have periods.

I can handle only zyprexa!!! The other aps make me crazier than I am… I am stuck with this zyprexa.

Toshiko, I didn’t get your message, sorry. What did you do exactly? You took what pills to have your periods back?

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Why on God’s green earth would you want your period back?

No, but seriously, you need to discuss this with your pdoc. They need to look at what the meds are doing to your system, to make sure that they’re not making you sick both now and down the road.

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Sorrystrange keypad
I took a new med that did give me psychosis for a year
After that I got on the best med for me with periods and NObad illness for 12 years

Cause I’ll want kids one day for god sake!!! Plus, I became more hairy from the stopped periods! My life is destroyed circle, don’t judge so easily! I tried all the 11 aps here on the market for 10 years. I did only this. I went through the psychiatric hell for this time. Only zyprexa helps. All the other 10 aps make me crazier. The pdocs don’t want to switch it. Why are you saying they make me sick? It’s the illness who makes me sick. The other 10 aps too.

I can’t handle any other meds than the ones I am on. Also.

But for me, sanity is more important than periods.

Periods suck! Anna why do you want them?

Edit: when you want kids, you can change meds, or I don’t even know if the raised prolactin stops ovulation. You need to speak to your doctor.

Kids… Because of the kids, people…

When you meet someone and choose to get pregnant your doctor can advise you I’m sure.

So you say there’s a chance to have an ovulation without periods?

Honestly Anna,

You have a lot more to worry about before you even think about kids.

You need to get out from those four walls and get stable on meds.

Get those things taken care of then worry about some missing periods.


Yeah but what if I get stable in my fourties when being too old for kids, while I wanted them? With a guy who will be with me only if he has a kid from me? Don’t you think it’s too much to lose? To lose a man only cause you can’t have kids? The love of your life? The natural dream of having a family?

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I’m saying you don’t have your priorities straight.

You need to be stable before you have kids,

If you can’t get stable before menopause maybe you can adopt.

But the most important part is being STABLE BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS.


I’m 37 too. There’s some women who have kids in their forties. My mom asked me today when you gonna have. Baby. I said when Im ready. But I agree get yourself together and feeling better.


OK, thank you for the messages darling, I appreciate that you write me still while I could be annoying. I’ll try to think differently now, okay…
I am symptomatic right now… But I was saying, that it would be a pity to forget about having my own kids only cause I was ill till the menopause…
Hell yeap :cry:

I am sorry for your struggles Anna.
I wish I could help.
Anyway please focus on getting better. Mental health is the most important.

@Anna1 I was joking. I’m sorry. I’m not judging you, I was trying to make you laugh. I meant that they need to check your bloodwork to make sure that the zyprexa isn’t making you physically sick. Please talk to your pdoc about this, to make sure it’s nothing serious. :hugs: