Menstruation returning after coming off meds

Hi guys…

Just wondering if any of you had your antipsychotic stop your period for a long amount of time… and then when you stopped that medication how long did it take for your cycle to return?? What were your signs that it was coming back?

I think mine might be coming back after I stopped Solian but I’m not sure…

Thanks :hugs:

I basically don’t have them anymore but every once in awhile I’ll get one and there is no warning signs.

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I didn’t have my periods for three years, because of the Zyprexa… When I lowered it, my periods came back in a month lol… But I had to go back on a higher dose cause my sz worsened on the smaller doses :confused:
I still wonder if there are some gynecological solutions to have our periods back even on our antipsychotics, what’s your pdoc saying about this? IT could be a problem if you are young, I understand…
But its clear, that once you lower or stop your aps, you’ll have back your periods. Me, I just couldn’t stop my ap, I tried…

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The periods stop because of high levels of prolactin. I have extremely high levels I even lactate. Which is why I’ve had to come off solian.

Ok, I see. But I am stuck with my ap in fact… I wonder if there are some gynecological pills to lower this prolactin? I don’t handle any other ap…
But you’ll do it. Yeap, aps cause too much prolactin…

When I started paliperidone two years ago my periods stopped. I didn’t think much of it st first but then I also started lactating and my breasts got very big…also read on this forum about prolactin and figured that must be the problem.

Aripiprazole 5mg has been added to lower my prolactin and my periods have come back. However I get no warning signs either.

Got a blood test on Monday to see what the levels are now. Hopefully they have gone down.

Mine came back after starting Abilify with my Invega. It sneaks up on me each month. I don’t enjoy it at all.

I have been prescribed a medication that induces menstruation. When my period stopped, I was told I could be given this or birth control to thin the lining of the uterus to prevent cancer.

Cabergoline has been prescribed to increase dopamine to the pituitary gland, and lower prolactin. It shrinks pituitary tumors.

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When I’m on Solian I have no periods.

When I have stopped in the past, it takes 6-8 weeks for the periods to come back.

Hope that helps in some way.