Ignore the voices

Has anyone tried this and has it worked?

Sometimes I can but sometimes it is just too much.


I talk back but then the voices go into my hands and I feel compelled to write. Silly, right?


I dont really care what they say but the only thing that gets to me is when I’m in a serious or peaceful mood and thinking I get ones that call me a faggot anand say my whole mental illness is because I’m in the closet.

I think this gets to me so bad because I’m straight and haven’t dated the past year. Possibly my insecurity and feeling inadequate in finding the right girl makes this set me off.

It’s a ridiculous complex and I can see how others could fall into believing i am that way because of how it effects me but I know the ins and outside of it and it stems from allowing myself to be touched in the wrong ways eneegetically and feeling violates when I try to open up to my emotions even when alone about past heart breaks.

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We are only as damaged as we allow our selves to feel


I think damage is real but temporary because there is healing.


Is it delusional for me to believe that there are people that dont want to allow me to heal and somehow benefit from that?

No, that is not necessarily a delusion, imo. There are people who are out for blood due to their own pain. It’s something to get smart about to avoid being a victim.

Thanks chordy you’re great. It’s hard when things can be great then it all starts working against me.

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