Neighbors. I thought everything was cleared up and settled. Just very little conflict today. It was relaxing as hell. I thought the problems were over. Very little laughing or intrusions. But for the last ten minutes the woman has been “in my apartment”. Not literally, just the “vibe”. We’re all mentally ill and I think that not only are we sensitive to sound in the sense that small innocuous, random, incidental sounds going on around us that are not even direct at us can disturb us but we are supersensitive in a pro-active way to be “tuned in” to other people and detect every little thought, fear or movement so that’s what these idiots do. I rarely start it but yes, I do react to invasions of my space. Thanks.

The walls are thin here this place was built in the 1940’s, very thin walls. These people throw their damn craziness into my apartment like a ventriloquist throws his voice. I can give sht back but I just want to be left alone. Excuse my French but fck 'em. I lived on my own for 20 years. I ain’t going to let some broke back wannabe punk as*sholes drive me out of here. I’ve come too far.

The lady next door thought she had me, lol. She was so sure I wouldn’t bother her back. She’s a nice lady but I got even and I won. It was soooo damn satisfying. I don’t pick on women unless they want me to if you know what I mean. The hulk upstairs is the more pressing problem. I was mocking him today. I ain’t the bravest guy around but I come through in a pinch more than you would guess from you guys seeing me here.

I know people on here occasionally attack me with either direct humiliating, mean comments or cryptic nonsense troll talk intended to crush and make me look bad. me but I’m working on that. It is what it is. I just had to vent. Now I’ll work on my paper for class. I’ll be up until 12:00 midnight because that’s when my paper is due. I feel better already.

I was going to suggest noise-cancelling headphones, but I’m glad you’re beginning to feel better.

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Thanks. I had to get that off my chest. It stopped for the night and I am feeling good because I just completed half of my homework. They just pushed and pushed. I was upset at the cumulation of things, nothing out of the ordinary really happened tonight.

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I like you, Nick. I find you to be quite amusing. Don’t let your neighbors bother you. You are strong.

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Thanks @Happy_H. I like to be liked! Enjoy the rest of your night.

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