If your taking your med during day time, Don't blame on your illness

Today in the evening i was suppose to take my antibiotics, instead i took my resperdal, and my mental state ( concentration, ability to think smart ) decline dramatically. Luckily i am taking my med before bed, but if i were told to take it during day time, i would blame my stupidity on my illness.

I know the feeling. Its like your brain is stuck in mud or moving in slo-mo.

Luckily I take my meds at night now so it doesn’t get like that anymore.

My meds are pretty heavy-duty, but they don’t knock me out or anything. Sometimes they ruin my creativity side, and I NEED that for my job, so it’s a delicate balancing act.

i have used medication in the afternoon.
because of a pending feeling of pschychosis.

with it, i could still function somewhat.

I was born hyperactive. I was told that I was constantly hyper. Now that I’m an adult… I think I was born manic and stayed that way for a long time. My family reports that I was always happy all the time… just over the top… couldn’t sit still… hyper and happy.

Unmedicated… my brain spins so fast I can’t get the thoughts I need off the wheel. Faster and faster it goes until everything all blurs together and I end up not being able to make a coherent sentence… or move…

faster and faster it goes… with things pinging off in all directions…

the slowing effect of my meds helps me focus on finishing a task or a sentence or a thought.

I am different from you,I am
Born as a quiet and inactive child,now when I grow up and medicated,I am
Tougher as a person and thanks to people who supported me,I grow up and am more mature in thinking but I admit I am still a little different from most people,I hope I can see this in a lighter way and laugh at it

That’s good that it helps slow you thoughts down to normal. I’ve never been very hyper until I got ill.

I think it helps to get the right amount of medication. I took too much at first and it made it hard to think. Now I’m on a dose that helps me and doesn’t make me slow down as much.