Good/bad times of day

For me personally. I begin my morning very optimistic and clear headed. But as the day progresses and gets later, I really start to deteriorate mentally. By late afternoon/early night I’m usually a bit of a mess. I overthink, feel anxious, become hopeless and feel like I might slip back into delusional thinking. Does anyone know if there’s anything I could do about this?
Anyone have times of day where they feel better or worse mentally?

I feel like I’m gunna crack :exploding_head:

When I first wake up is pretty rough for about the 1st hour and shortly before I go to sleep (I usually go to bed around 3-4am) is usually the same, I think it’s got to do with my level of “awakeness”/my mental clarity level and how it relates to my ability to think things through logically

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I take some meds at night and some in mornings. Is it something to do with dosage? Most meds have a half life of how active they are in your blood and I’ve always found that taking pills same time every day helps.

Either way it’s worth talking to your shrink and seeing if there’s options.


@roguetwo yeah I really wanna see my psych soon.


Yeah just read your other post. It sounds to me like a dosage/med problem if your getting deterioration through the day everyday. I’m no expert though so talk to your doc.


I agree, I was having symptoms for a few hours before my next lot of medication in the morning. After some troubleshooting with the pdoc, I ended up on double the dose, but taking the other half in the afternoon. It made a world of difference.

There is a DNA test you can get that tells the pdoc which aps you will metabolise faster than others, so they can tell if you need them more often or a different one. If I find more details I’ll post them later.


I feel good in the morning. Bad in the afternoon, and often neutral in the evening.

For me it has nothing to do with the meds im taking, but it is a good advice to ask you doctor if that’s the case with your mood swings.

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@Pat6398 true. I might see if I can take some of the fluvoxamine at night and some in the morning possibly. If I’m metabolising the fluvoxamine too quickly or something. Anyway thanks peeps. I’ll try to see my psych soon about it.

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I feel really really bad when I get up and it improves throughout the day.

I think coffee might be to blame in my case. But I’m not very certain.

i feel ok all day usually… not often i have a bad day… not since my med change that is… so maybe it has to do with your meds, it’s good you going to see your pdoc about it.

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