If you'd need to renew your mind

If you’d need to renew your mind as a Sz to become successful more of, do you think it’s possible, as most of us seem to have the same problems and symptoms year by year. In a nutshell, how much we can do for ourselves rearding Sz?

I mean finding a miracle drug cocktail is a must, some meds can make one completely dysfunctional and other meds can make a person with sz look like a normie


So you believe into drugs and not psychology?

We live one day at a time and don’t always notice the tiny increments of improvement. I’ll probably never be completely free of sz but I look back and shudder at how sick I used to be. So, there is evidence of positive change.


Everyone has boundaries to what they can reach…sz or not. But we can do a lot. Still. I’ve worked on myself. And will continue to do so, for there’s still a lot of things I can do better. I proposed my MH team speak with me the next month, to discuss my history, my strengths and weaknesses, my goals, what I and kid need. I hope that gives me good feedback. And starting points to do better.

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I think we need to figure out what are our main problems and face these… Sometimes we are blind to be able to manage our own problems, so an outsider’s help might be good for us.

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Drugs can dull heavily ones mind to the point of dysfunction and others functional. Thats why mentally ill asylums existed before meds

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