If you worry about the vaccine

If you are worried about how well the vaccine works, let me share this.

April 16 me, my husband, and developmentally disabled daughter got our second shot.

Last Friday my daughter was sent home early because her classmate that sits next to her tested positive for Covid. The kid had been sitting by my daughter all week with symptoms.

My daughter has not developed any symptoms. Even though she was exposed before the 2 week wait period was up.

So I know for a fact at least the Moderna vaccine works!

Don’t be scared of the vaccine. It’s a lot better than the alternative of possibly dying from this awful virus.


Good to hear @ZombieMombie. lots of craziness out there but I’d rather my shot!


Wow @ZombieMombie

I was a Covid vaccine doubter.

I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine a couple of days ago and nothing bad happened to me.

There is nothing to worry about.

Getting vaccinated is safe.


To me having the vaccine is not a personal choice.

We have vaccines to protect ourselves and the people around us

Covid or whatever vaccines you have as a child are a precious weapon that we must use in order to get ahead of something nasty that causes pain where there might not have to be

There is enough suffering going on in the world, and if drug companies can develop these things to try and alleviate people getting seriously ill, it’s a no brainer!


I tend to agree with you. As long as someone is physically able to get and tolerate the shot, we have a duty to protect those who are too sick to get it. And those who are vulnerable.


I got my shot back in March. I had no side effects. Yes do get the vaccine it is the right thing to do.


That’s great @ZombieMombie. My husband and I both had the Moderna vaccines. I’m glad to hear a success story.

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Thank u for sharing this. Needed that

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I got the shots, and in between the first and second doses, I caught actual COVID. The side effects after the second dose only lasted a day and were worse than actual COVID. I had a rogue test done and I had no idea I was infected and initially refused to believe I was positive, but I was. Now I’ve got all kinds on antibodies, both natural and mRNA antibodies. Screw you COVID, I’ve gotcha ass!!

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