If you tried L-theanine, how long did it take to work for your symptoms?

I’ve just switched from 50MG from Loxapine and have progressed at 80MG of Latuda at night with a light snack. I’m on my third day of L-theanine and I feel more focused but I still get a bit paranoid and anxious (125x2 a day). Does it help with paranoia? I get paranoid when I encounter certain people and sometimes I’ll think they’re talking about me.

it supposed to alleviate positive symptoms of sz…!!!
over to u mr @everhopeful !!! i know ur befitting from theanine right.??

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I worked my way up to 400mg, twice a day for a total of 800mg. I don’t recommend starting at that dose.

I fear that I’ve become tolerant to it now though, even at that dose!

It acts like a benzo with benefits. Try 300mg, twice a day.

It won’t get rid of your paranoia probably. That’s really the job of an antipsychotic.

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I took 125mg of L-theanine three times along with 40mg of Latuda twice today. I am experiencing some anxiety/paranoia.

I hear that you can relapse when you are in the middle of changing meds. I will put the l-theanine on hold for a while until I’m completely stable on Latuda or another anti-psychotic. This sucks.