If you live on the coast

Do you fear water more than usual? I just noticed my mother’s fear. She grew up in Boston. I discovered water was quite delightful when I fell in a river when I was 7. Before that, it made me tense.

Nope, not really. I rarely go in, but I wouldn’t call it a phobia.

My dad is Navy,

So we were always on the coast growing up.

And now I live about five blocks from the beach in California.

I hate water.

I refuse to swim and don’t even like to take a shower.

I live by the sea and love it but I’ll be too afraid to go in a boat or surf because I have fear of deep water. I’ll swim in the shallows but no more than that. I love the beach though, the sand and sea over my feet, the sea smell, the cool breeze, etc. :heart:

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