Fear of the oceans

is it just me? the oceans are too big and vast for me. supposedly I have some old Viking dna but im totally turned off by the thought of sailing the seas. I would hate my life to end in a watery grave, the ocean is one of my biggest fears.

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I haven’t been to the ocean much. But I live on the Long island sound

You can see New York from where I live

The World Trade Center was really clear and we were like “look it’s the World Trade Center so clear!!” Then 2 days later was 9/11. Ehh not making it up

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I also have a deep fear of drowning in the water (although I can swim) or choking on medicine. That’s why I chew my pills before swallowing. I know I risk dental problems or upset stomach but I don’t care.

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The vast depth of the ocean is pretty scary

Imagine how much pressure that is at the bottom of it

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I grew up around the ocean, so a trip to the beach was common. One fateful day, as I sat on a rock next to my cousin on the beach, a creeper wave came up and carried me off. Thankfully the next wave slammed me hard against the sand and I dug my arms in as far as they could go. By the time the wave went out I was holding on by a thread but jumped up and ran to safety. It was a close call. I haven’t liked the ocean ever since though, it’s too scary and unpredictable.


People die down here every year where I live, it is dangerous.

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