If you live in the UK but not in a London borough

Do you get a local travel card that’s free to travel on buses or even trains? I got mine when I first got ill 12 years ago haven’t had to renew by post but if I move out of London I might not get this freedom pass so was considering if I will get cheaper travel…


None whatsoever in East Sussex.

You can get the railcard if you pay a fee and then get a 1/3 off train travel, but all ‘dsabled’ can get that


I have that railcard but barely need to use it.

Here you can’t get a Bus Pass just for MH unless you’ve been told by the DVLA you’re unfit to drive and they’ll then issue one on them grands. You can’t even get a Bus Pass for ASD in Nottinghamshire. I got one without any hassle for having Learning Disabilities, got my community nurse to sign the form over 10 years ago and now they send a new one automatically when old one runs out. The Bus Pass probably saves me about a £700 a year in bus fare.


I was outside of London for a while and in that particular county they had free bus passes as well.

I have a feeling most areas will offer this or at least a discount.

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I don’t use public transport so i wouldn’t know sorry, good luck with it

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