If you knew food can make difference..which would you choose

If you knew 100 percent raw food will treat your schizo. Will you choose raw food without med , or you would take med just to eat anything you desire.

Not sure I understand the question. If it’s “Would I choose food over meds?” then the answer is a resounding Yes!

I have edited my question.

Yes i would do that if that were the case, i don’t believe that it is though.

I don’t have a disease, people need to understand that now, someone is doing this to me and raw foods will not stop it.

I can remember one point of psychosis when they were telling me that they were going to hurt my family even, “if you don’t do something your family is screwed”, i didn’t know what to do so did nothing, and then they blasted me “THATS IT! THERE GOES YOUR FAMILY! AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! YOUR FAMILY WILL SUFFER NOW!”.

I asked my family if they got hurt, i asked them if i had hurt them, they got pissed at me, not really the nicest reaction to someone being tortured in his mind by whomever but oh well.

Yeah, raw foods isn’t really going to help me at all, what if they want to shock the living ■■■■ out of me again, how is eating raw foods going to help with that? What if they want to burn me again, perhaps even worse than last time?

Raw foods?

I’m really glad this lady is doing so well, but I need a LOT of proof before I quit my meds. I’ve been so happy NOT being in relapse. Again, my positive symptoms… though still with me to a lesser degree, are so much easier to take then my negative symptoms.