If you had kids or have kids what do you want them to grow up to be

If I had kids I want them to join the Air Force when they turn 18. Then after a 4 year stint they can go to college and maybe become an officer.

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I’d want them to choose a substainable job.
It’s important that they do what makes them happy, but I’d make sure to drill into their heads that they also have to be able to make a living and support themselves, if they’re physically and mentally able to.

I think too many people today are told they can do what they want, and then when they realise they’re not going to make a living on the very specialized education/training they’ve had, the bubble bursts and they end up settling for something that makes them unhappy.
I want to be an illustrator, but I wouldn’t make money on it and the job opportunities are poor in that field here, so I’ve chosen a substainable education, and I’ll keep illustration as a hobby until I make a breakthrough.

I’d want to prepare the children for real life and help them find a nice middle ground.


Kids inherit anatomical abilities, genetic traits, and ingrained interests from parent to offspring. There are also environmental factors that influences a child’s decision to choose what they want to be when they grow up.

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I want my kids to be a rocket scientist when I have children I will make them study. I don’t want no hippie kids


Healthy and happy.


How many kids u got sarad

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One and only. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t want them to be mentally ill.


i was totally into sports as a kid…i think i’d want my kid if it was a boy to be a greenskeeper, like me, or pro golfer if he was good enough…

.also i’d have a lot of music in the home, so that he might become a part time musician…so basically a leisurely lifestyle without too much stress.

we also might do some farming, but who knows


I want just actually want my kids to be happy and healthy also like Sarad said.

That is the gift


I want her to be kind, observant, empathetic, skeptical, smart, and of course happy.


I would want them to go to the top private school I went to because it was so much fun and helped make connections and foster spiritual growth and work ethic. Then I just want them to get a decent job like teacher or lawyer or doctor or engineer. If they get schizophrenia I just hope they do the right thing and go to therapy and try to work like I do.

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If I ever end up in possession of a child I just want them to do what they love.


Like others, I would just want them to be happy, and be the best person they could be. I don’t think it’s fair to “make” children be anything more than what they want to be. Could be a doctor, a scientist, or work in a restaurant…whatever made them happy. As long as it’s nothing illegal and they are safe…even if they liked extreme things like jumping out of planes…there are right ways to do things and as long as they were taking every precaution to be safe then I’d be happy.

As I said it’s it’s not fair to hold everyone up to the same expectations. So if I were to say I wanted a future child to be a Doctor…well if that child was mentally ill or had other disabilities I wouldn’t want to have to make them choose that path if it wasn’t for them.

But I don’t plan on having kids so…kind of pointless if you ask me.

If I had kids I’d want them to grow up to be self-sufficient :grin: And happy

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There was a man, Laszlo Polgar, who raised three kids to become grandmasters at chess, one of whom is the top female chess player in the world. He wrote a book about the process, “Raise a Genius”, which is at https://www.docdroid.net/EX12eYq/genius.pdf , free for anyone to download since the book is so old the IMDB has been recycled for a newer book.

The main premise of the book is that “geniuses are made, not born.”

The book has to do with training a child to excel at chess, but the general advice can be used to orient a child towards any field of interest. It’s kind of verbose though, and 110 pages.

As far as what I’d want my kids to grow up as, I’d try to coax them into becoming good programmers or entrepreneurs, or both. They’ll probably end up in the drama crowd though.

i wouldnt have expectations for them or push them to do anything in particular, but i would want them to give their all and find something that makes them stable and happy

I would want them to not be effected by climate change, overpopulation, wars, failing economy, student debt, possible radiation. Nobody can guarantee that so I choose not to have kids.

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