Getting rid of delusions

i have delusions and i am asking why cant we just get rid of delusions even when we are taking our antipsycotic? what we should expect from taking the antipsycotic?


I was just about to make a post about this. Antipsychotics can help reduce and get rid of delusions and psychosis. If they don’t then a med change could help.


I guess sometimes AP’s get rid of them all eventually, sometimes they only help some and sometimes they dont help much at all.

I am very fortunate that as long as IM medicated my delusions all vanish.

There is also a question of time sometimes. Like When I was first given Invega. It very quickly eliminated the symptoms that created delusions…like seeing patterns and stuff…but took some time for the actual wrong beliefs to fade as they had reinforced over time.

Anyway, thats the way I see it.


Are you willing to give up your whole belief system to do it?

Are you willing to change what you believe in?

Have you questioned why you believe the things you do?

Are you willing to accept that ‘you’ don’t think in normative ways and that the bizarre constructs of what you think don’t make sense to other people?

Are you willing to hand over such bizarre thinking to normative social constructs?

Are you wiling to accept that you may be wrong? To be able to concede that you were and are wrong in certain aspects?

I would ask myself these things and take it from there…


yes, you can also try to fight it with logic and your own thoughts, but in my experience here, it is very difficult to do so until you reach a certain point in recovery.

You need to get to a point of some insight before you can do this. And usually its medications that get you there.

At least that has been my experience.


You are right.

One of the aspects of psychotic mind is the ‘knightmove’ thinking, as represented by the knight move in chess. 2 steps forward and one to the left/right.

Perhaps, if a mind/engine isn’t working correctly then the engine needs to be fixed in order for it to work. Slowing it down with meds can afford the mind to function more smoothly (and gain insight) to be able to think logically about life.


Yeah as long as I’m on risperidone and Depakote I have no delusions

If you are experiencing delusions on your AP then maybe it’s not working enough.

I would talk with your doctor


Im confused, if you say you are having delusions, thats insight. Can you be delusional and know your delusional.

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You may be treatment resistant like me. I am just happy if mine are managed well enough that I can maintain insight and ignore them.


I feel like I’m at the stage were my delusions start to get better :thinking: overall I’m better but I feel like it was more about the circumstance changing so idk .

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I think most of my delusions went wlseay while I was on zyprexa. I also was in a calm environment so that probably helped

There is a midway point ,IMO, between full on delusional with no insight and some insight but still unsure if they are real. I’ve discussed this many times on this forum, as I believe have others,

I am recovering from anesthesia, so if I am not being clear, you may have to wait a day for a more lucid response.

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Just like many things in life, things are not always black and white.

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I’m half lucky in a sense that psychosis is gone yet my depression or bipolar supposedly my bipolar is bad I get depressed a lot but my psychosis is almost :100: gone idk I really don’t know but on a positive note I’m not hearing voices or paranoid anymore and my supposed “mania” is gone

do u still take invega or did u switch to something else?

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On olanzapine I don’t have any delusions.

I do hear voices though, I’ll probably have them for the rest of my life.

It can happen, because you’ve spent so much time believing something even once you realise you’re psychotic and recovering, you will second guess a reality and question if the older psychotic reality was the truth - halfway between insight and lack of

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I switched to Abilify and then Vraylar.

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im taking invega now with a bit of seroquel. so far so good so im happy about that and hope it lasts.


My delusions don’t go away. Damage has been done. They are stubborn.