Do you still have fixated beliefs despite you taking antipsychotics?

I still do lingering in the background despite me on a depot injection. These thoughts and beliefs keep in and something innocent like the phone company fixing the street telegraph poles I get intrusive thoughts that something sinister is happening and I’m being monitored. One big conspiracy from a person tormenting me.


Yes, I’m on these forums every day. I talk about them.

I guess it helps not bottling them in. I refuse to believe most people when they say they’re not real. I know I’m in some side of simulation and that I was either cloned as a child, young man, or body snatched by aliens. I also believe I live in a computer game and that the past might not be real or have existed at all. And that our memories are fake or being messed with. I notice it constantly.

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I still believe that my soulmate live in front of my house and we communicate telepathicaly.I think he is my guardian angel and he protects me

I still believe that no one loves or cares about me solely based on the fact that I’m schizophrenic.

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Sort of. I don’t know how fixated they are.

I also “knew” my left arm wasn’t mine and was, in fact, being controlled by a twin i’d absorbed in the womb. And nobody could tell me otherwise.

Delusions are hard to shake because they feel very, very, real, but refusing to even acknowledge they might not be, is doing damage to the process of getting rid of them.

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All I will say is, I think for most people the right antipsychotic can make these beliefs go away without you having to try to deny them. Getting a glimpse of what it’s like to feel yourself not believe in a delusion can do wonders. Some cases of schizophrenia may be more severe though.

Yes I do.

Alien and Sarah are still spirits living in my head and always will be.

And that Alien tries to control me or inserts his thoughts.

That people can read my mind sometimes

And I still believe my mother in law wants to harm me.

All this even on meds. They helped the voices and inserted thoughts but not my beliefs

Since I’ve been on Invega Sustenna starting last year all my delusions went away.

Yes, the biggest one is that I need to die soon to go to heaven faster and that everyone is going to heaven. Well, its possibly true so not a big delusion.

I still have unusual beliefs despite taking an AP.

Even with 4mg of Risperdal I still get paranoid thoughts from time to time but the meds don’t allow them to become full blown delusions.

I still have matrix, truman etc

Still have questions that haven’t or can’t be answered. Still believe I’m a 5th dimensional being trapped in a human flesh prison, only way out is to die. Still believe in the angels guiding me. Still believe that dead spirits pick on me.

I’m able to question it, and Am coming to terms with it, now I’m just waiting to see what truth is real. I treat it as a polite disagreement, both with others telling me it isn’t real and with myself trying to come to a conclusion.

The pills help, the therapy has helped. Meds make life easier to handle, helps keep these thoughts, and the voices, down.

Well some are just absurd like the one you mentioned and others are actually plausible and are taken seriously.

All the time. I have religious delusions and paranoia still, but it has gotten significantly better with being put on risperdal. It feels very real to me still, even though I usually know that its false in the back of my mind.

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Nothing fixated, but i keep wondering now and then if some parts were real. Cant really know for sure. :woman_shrugging: I have these moods where i doubt everything.

Yea hell… As a small small possibility. Its a small possibility but so small that I don’t really worry about it so much

ALL delusions seem plausible to the ones having them, otherwise they wouldn’t believe them.
It does in no way seem plauisble to me that aliens kidnapped you and you helped them create earth in a simulation and are forced to relive your life over and over again.

In fact, it seems much more plausible to me that I absorbed a twin in the womb, and her soul somehow got caught in my body because it had nowhere to go.

You delusions seem plausible to you because you’re having them, but the more you refuse to acknowledge they aren’t, the more damage you’re doing to your recovery.

Just get looked at with fear and told to eat meds that shorten my lifespan and decrease quality of living. I don’t know if I trespassed or transgressed on some people by accident but I have begged for forgiveness with no relief. I’ve decided to take an opinion from another post and just not care anymore. quit fighting it. I’ve tried controlling it with no success so whatever is going to be is going to be. <3