Can you still become delusional on antipsychotics?

Even when being compliant with invega sustenna 75 mg injection. Can you be stabile for months then the delusional beleifs come back. Or is what I’m experiencing with people harassing and they to make my life hell real?

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No it’s not real. I’m on invega tabs and still fight my delusions from time ti time. Delusions actually take a lot of hard, proactive effort to rid yourself of. Therapy can help. Meds are great for hallucinations but delusions were my own battle.

You can do it. Start unpacking your delusions bit by bit and tackle very small aspects of them (oh ffs there’s some guy on the tram who keeps coughing and it’s doing my head in … but I digress).

I have a rather elaborate delusion about the gov (surprising not) and I broke it down into tiny pieces. I’d be glad to go over it in pm with you if you’re interested. I’m not keen on sharing specifics publicly.


I kind of agree that you have to work on delusions but also have to say that, for me, the meds do help. When I go off my meds I stop eating cuz I think the food supply is adulterated, and when I’m on meds I can still think that but actually eat again.

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This is happening to me, too. I’ve been on the same side of haldol for almost a year but it’s not cutting it right now so I had to increase for a bit. I’m hoping to go back down soon.

I’ve just released something! I had my depot injection at the clinic and I was chatting to the nurse, I mentioned I was on 50 mg of invega but she said I was on 75 mg and had been for 5 does so 5 months. I have been on that injection for 13 months so they have increased it without telling me? It’s true they are hiding thing from me and trying to posion me. My stomach has just sank.

Delusions are meant to be worked out so you can have a proper understanding. They shouldn’t come back if you have been stable on an antipsychotic. Dopamine fuels delusions.

Dopamine sucks. I’m on ap and I still get delusional

Schizophrenia and that way of thinking doesn’t work out well.
Voices are not demons. Period.
But if you want to continue your descent down the rabbit hole be my guest lol

I’m more delusional on antypsychotic

I was crazy sick on seroquel. Didn’t find out till too late. I even got into trouble with the law. I’m on risperidone now, totally different person. I’m much better

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