If you dont act on a delusion is it really a delusion?

just wondering. cheers

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I think you can realize it’s a delusion and still have one… I have one where it’s hard for me to walk on the grass I realize I have it so I can walk on the grass I just have difficulty with it


I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘acting on it’.

I think it is because it still impacts your feelings snd draws attention away from real thoughts which have justified feelings. From my personal experience

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Ive been told that nobody is reading my mind and even though I know they are prob not, I still feel like they can and take steps to stop it from happening.


Delusions are kind of like paranoid thoughts, that mislead the thinker to draw wrong concusions. Then again I think that all the normies also have it like that. We just happen to have them a lot more of.

If your having a delusion - after a while after meds, you always realise its a load of cobblers.

What’s your point Crystal? Have you some issue that you are not disclosing?

just the typical paranoia for me. nothing significant

I have ongoing delusions, but I know they’re just my illness and I ignore them. I find that the more you ignore them, the less intrusive they become.


Do you mean when someone sees something then they stare at it then they dont react to it? Like ptsd?

They start talking about me on the TV and seem to know what I doing. I really don’t know how. I have broadcast TV now and not cable where maybe it’s the cable company doing it. I do have WiFi and on the internet though. It’s old broadcast TV and nobody could be monitoring it. I have an antenna to receive radio signals, but they still talk about me. They don’t say anything on the AM/FM radio, just the TV.

I’m in and out of my delusional mind. It’s religious in nature. The meds took care of him talking to me. Yet the belief persists. I see signs where he’s telling me I’m on the right path. When I was fully in psychosis he showed me what happens when we die. It’s just difficult. And I’ve told my pdoc just yesterday. However, no med change. So maybe I’m stuck here.

I just remembered that i heard someone talking in my phone. My phone was off but it wasnt in shutdown. Idk what it said.

Personally I still think it’s a delusion. If it makes you uncomfortable and especially if it prevents you from doing something then it’s a delusion. I have a delusion that someone is going to break into my house, doesn’t make me beg my partner to stay home when he has to work though. Just makes me uncomfortable to be alone.

I know it’s not likely to happen but still it worries me quite a bit.

Is say it’s a delusion if you believe it.

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It’s a delusion if you believe it

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Strictly speaking, it’s only a delusion if the belief is held with full conviction and is resistant to sensible/rational arguments that question or refute it. The DSM notes that it can be difficult to distinguish a delusion from a strongly held belief.


why my doc calls me delusional then?

Don’t start this again @Crystal-Cotton . You have delusions. You have paranoia. You talk about it on here regularly. Stop trying to get us to say you don’t have anything wrong with you.

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but why did they say its only a delusion if its held with full conviction?