If you are multilingual, how do you use your language

I have noticed that when I speak in Finnish I use much more swear words and in English I use hardly none, my English speaking is much more polite and I do not even want to say here what Finnish words I use regularly, in Swedish and Russian I know no swear words. I suppose I learned some words in my childhood that I use now often in Finnish, what about you?

I swear a lot in Swedish and some in Finnish. But very rarely in English. I try to watch my mouth, I don’t want the kids to pick up unnessesary words from me. They are learning their vocabulary in school.

I swear in Italian about half the time.

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I can picture u. I never use any of those words in my life but my mom and my aunts and uncles are using them just like u do.

We have a lot of swear words in my native language. Some say there are more than 40s of them. I wonder if u have that much!

I know some people who come from the other countries. They just love to learn our swear words. More than anything else they ask us to teach them.

It is kind of interesting to me how people find enjoyment to use them and at the same time get really emotional when people use swear words on them.