Do your speaking style vary depending on language you use

In Finnish I have much interesting expressions and in English I speak nicely and politely. You do not understand this but here it is any way ‘Amerikkalainen akka tappoi kissat’. Comatose may understand.

Do you think you could get any more in my face with your overt nationalism? I think I need to be reminded again how great you are.


You know despite having been told all my life that language is where I am gifted I to this day speak only one of them. I must have taken at least three years of French in elementary school and literally picked up oh…three words of it. Never much of a student over here.

Come to think of it for someone who tests strongly in the language department I was never a huge fan of the finer points of grammar either. Took some Latin in high school and it was all grammar this and grammatical that. As far as I was ever concerned if you managed to coherently get your point across then language has served it’s purpose.

But yeah, merely a simple monolinguist here.

Yes I got it.

I use language pretty much the same. BUT I swear in finnish. I can easily shift between languages. As if someone addresses me in finnish I don’t have to think what to say, it just pops out.

some of the most exciting writing… writing that you remember… subtly breaks a lot of grammatical rules… it doesn’t flow the same because it does break a little rule here and there and that catches our attention.

I think a good writer is one that knows the rules to break and how to still get the point across. I really don’t know of any popular author that is perfectly grammatically correct.

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Flat tone, regardless of language.