For the multilingual people

What language do your voices speak? Do they all speak your “natural” language( the one you first knew) or do they speak diffrent languages?
mine tend to speak english, and only one speaks my first language, polish, then sometimes one starts speaking simple arabic - only the amount i know allready. what about you?

Only enlish for me. Seemingly the spirits I hear only speak English, although I also speak geailge and french

My voices speak finnish, swedish and english. I was born in Finland but moved to Sweden as a child. Both languages are my natural languages.

Multiple languages, sometimes I have no idea what it is I reply to them in.
Funny thing is, about a year before I met my 2nd husband who speaks limited english, and me limited spanish, my I started speaking spanish with the voices.

I have a funny situation. When I write or think critically in English, I get some warning statements in Finnish. I typically just ignore these. Sometimes I get a word or two in Russian or Swedish. A funny thing happened in Sept 1999 when I traveled in New Mexico, America. I went through some kind of analysis in which it was evaluated how many languages I knew. I thought that this all was hallucinations and it was a symptom of my sz. Things happen.