If this symptom is gone for me, ill be better

In fact per moments i feel so much my brain in my head that it drives me crazy. Its in combo with one killing tiredness, a feeling of some inner energy which makes me drag me feet on the floor by tiredness. I think its the illness.
For 1 minute my brain was relieved but still the question is that meds will work on this for more time lol?..
I cant function at all when i feel my brain in my head like this :smirk:. My doc thinks its an autosuggestion, one ex doc was thinking that its some obssessive,intrusive thoughts… i am like a zombie in those moments, not in my head but in my body. In my head, i remain a bit too concentrated and i think too much.
Otherwise, its been one week on upper dose of zyprexa (10mg).

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You have to give that dose a while. A week is nothing. Fingers crossed it works out for you.

But an ap for tiredness? Can it this work? I am still not sure what kind of symptom is this feeling of the brain…

Definetely. But only time will tell.

Ive thought that aps work lesd on the tiredness. Mine is pathological, thats for sure. But maybe i think too much about bad things, it drains my energy too. You know cases where aps helped those "bad " energies?