If they find time travel

If they find time travel is possible, or already have, then im going to go back and stop myself from being born somehow.

What an adventure it would be, and id like to know what it’s like to disappear when i stop my birth.

But im afraid that ill get stuck in a loop. Because i have already been born, and that means that when i was born my future self has already tried to stop it, so i would get stuck in a loop trying to stop my birth and continuously fail.

Sounds like a Twilight Zone show I watched late one night.

Makes me wonder if the twilight zone writers were wizards, or prophets or something.

I’ve noticed alot of things on that show coming true.

if i had a time machine like that i would just gaze at the creation of the universes , on a continual loop sipping a cup of coffee and a raspberry custard slice, that would make me happy for at least a year.
take care

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If I had a time machine I would get rich and buy a house on Maui.

How would you do that with a time machine?


Nice answer, but you’d need a liveable environment to do so, it could only be as far back as when the earth was liveable.

The Grandfather Paradox. Classic time travel problem. If I had a time machine, I would get a year’s worth of lotto numbers.

If you don’t want to exist, just think, most likely there’s a parallel universe where you don’t exist.

And watching the universe being created would be cool, but the laws of physics didn’t quite ‘condense’ yet so your body might not even be able to exist. You would have to find a way to pop into ‘brain space’ where you could view everything, assuming your body (or anything for that matter) could exist there. Brain space is the space between 2 universes, theoretically membranes collide there and create a new big bang which leads to an isolated universe. If you wanted to transfer between universes, you would need to focus A LOT of energy in a VERY tiny spot in space to open up some kind of (possibly unstable) portal. All theoretical of course.

You know, black holes freeze time. So if you want to travel to the future, you can get really close to one (but outside the event horizon) and your time will be slower than that of the rest of the universe. So you just wait for however much time to pass in the rest of the universe and leave the vicinity of the black hole. Poof time travel.

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It’s not that i dont want to exist, i just want to stop hurting all over.

Existing is great, but pain isn’t really.

You know to be honest i don’t even believe in time.

within my space ship which would be self sustaining, a bit like Dr who, i would be able to travel and have a living atmosphere all around me at any time as the time machine would project its life force at least a few feet from the blue box /time machine at all times .
take care

Dr. Who was the first thing that came to mind when you posted. Lol. That episode with that paper-thin lady stretched out like a tanning rack.

that is my mother in the future , she refuses to die and wants to live forever, no matter how many baby souls she eats .
take care

I would probably just write down some lotto numbers.