If they didn't exist

Then this problem wouldn’t exist.

The cure.

If they didn’t exist.

Then this problem wouldn’t exist.

The cure.

Maybe it should be cured before they can do it to anyone else.

You’d have to have help though id say. Help from someone big.

I think we should cure this thing they call schizophrenia.


**Yes. :ear_of_rice: **

Even if we removed the beings attacking us telepathically, we still might have a chemical imbalance that needed to be treated. This could be partially a spiritual problem and an illness. The question is which came first? I think it depends on the individual.

What you do to a person’s mind can manifest physically and do damage to the brain, and what you do to the body can affect the mind and do damage to it as well.

if you can be found to be schizophrenic by a mouth swab today and be givin an antibiotic to clear up the virus that causes the chromosome damage and still be brain damaged would you call it a cure?

this is perfect