If only I had stuck with piano when I was a kid

I played piano for like three or four years from 5 to 8 and I was really really good but I never picked it back up after I quit. I quit because I hated practicing. My aunt said I was always the best of it at the recitals. Now I’m 28 and taking piano lessons again. Only really doing scales so far but I could see myself picking up really quick again. I practiced a lot yesterday… I’m selling the Coca-Cola machine for music equipment. It’s all in line for tomorrow. I hope to not only learn how to make beats for hip-hop, but be able to play piano really well.

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Lol what coke machine u got ?


My parents gave it to me cus they thought it was worthless. Now I’m selling it a guys coming from Rhode Island to give me $600 tomorrow

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Very good, @Jonnybegood! Don’t worry, you are still young. You can still pick up piano.

I too studied piano at a young age (age 14). But, I had my piano cruelly taken away from me. (My father was constantly broke and he sold my piano to raise money). I never had enough money to buy a piano all of my life until they invented digital pianos and I bought one at the age of 46 and started piano lessons again at that age. I sometimes wonder if that is too late of an age because piano is very frustrating and difficult for me today.

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