I hated that piano

The tension required to play it accurately and yet sound light and lively. It’s enough to provoke suicidal.

LOL opposite here I was one of those toddlers that was obsessed with it picked up some tunes my dad would play on it still love music now its keeping me sane too,
Maybe you wanted the attention and love without having to be a performing monkey.
condtional love is always painful.


My mom used to play the piano, it sounded beautiful. When she got sick she stopped playing. She also painted and wrote. Schizophrenia or depression caused her to stop that’s how I feel. Whenever she was well she would do art. She made stained glass kaleidoscopes for us. I miss the creative normal mom I used to have. She’s still here, but it’s difficult.


I had a short stint with the piano. Too much to learn. I swear, learning music is like learning another language. I managed to to teach myself to play half of “Moonlight Sonata”. That was long ago, though. I’ve forgotten everything.

I just downloaded “Piano Teacher” from the Play Store its supposed to be really good on a 10" tablet.

After I finally graduated from college, I didn’t know what to do with my time.
I had a job but no homework. And I didn’t date yet.

Both my mom and dad played a bit of piano so we always had one around.
I had piano lessons in kindergarden, quit and played clarinet in grade school.
So I knew how to read music.
I spent like 3 hours a night playing piano, still less than homework and got pretty good.

Then I finally began to date and have friends, so skipped the piano.
There is one in the basement, but I never make the time.