If it weren't for bad luck. TW

I just found out that my driver was let out of prison for sex offenses and has been charged with new crimes. His court date is soon.

He didnt tell me that he was using someone else’s car and phone.

Through therapy, I’ve been able to trust again… but, come on!

Now what? I’m emotionally exhausted… AGAIN

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I’m the type of person that will always give you the benefit of the doubt, right upon meeting you.

But the instant you betray my trust, it’s “See ya!”

I have the uncanny ability of sizing up an individual instantly upon meeting him/her. I have an intuitive sense when it comes to body language and social cues.

I know when to keep it light and fluffy with an individual…or to delve deeper into conversation and get to know what makes someone tick.

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My trust used to not exist. I guess I’m not a good judge of character. This type of thing has happened twice in the last year. It makes my blood boil, so it must really hurt.

I’m going to talk to my therapist about it. I don’t want to shut down trust again,but I want to be smart about it. @anon39054230 do you have any suggestions?

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Follow your heart…it’s what I always tell my teenage daughters when it comes to making correct decisions. Your heart never lies.

If there’s any doubt…there’s no doubt at all!


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Thanks, @anon39054230. I’ll remember what you said. I honestly am still shocked about the whole thing. I’ll ask more questions in the future.

I may have dodged a bullet. For that, I’m thankful.

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BUMPPPPP IS OPuu g.j ghg

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