Sorry now I went out with

a con artist. He was religious and always talking about marriage. That’s not why I went out with him, though. I was old, and didn’t think I’d find anyone I was attracted to. Everyone wants to support the lies he made up, to support his ego. People threatening me now, saying I knew about things he’s lying about. I wouldn’t have gone out with him, if I knew. Lust isn’t always worth it.


I don’t really understand what happened but I’m sorry if you were scammed. That’s awful

Just ditch him, don’t talk to him anymore, and move on. He’s not worth giving any thought or attention to.

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I haven’t talked to him in 3 years. I don’t really know who these people are. I think they’re friends of his. Not sure.

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Just let it go then.


I regret that I didn’t run from my ex to. It’s mostly because I met her parents in a dinkie town, too nice, Mormon and her dad is the sheriff. Talk about red flags! I got my babies out of it though. :slightly_smiling_face: A little hell for the most amazing humans ever. Worth it!


I’m glad things turned out well for you @Enlightenedbeing

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are you depressed? idk. you seem stuck, or something.

[quote=“Daze, post:9, topic:241614, full:true”]
are you depressed? idk. you seem stuck, or something.
Are you asking me?

yeah, I’m asking you.

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I don’t feel depressed. I feel anxious though. But I’m always full of high anxiety

ok, why the response that’s generic, and non-confrontational?

is this site that does it?

I don’t mean to be generic, sorry. And I’m naturally non-confrontational. It’s just how I am

okay, well, this post could have stirred or taken some heads.

no problem, we aren’t always up on what’s up.

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You bring a lot of peace and calmness to this site. Thank you for that. @ZmaGal :two_hearts:

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Don’t let daze get to you, she’s just a goofball that gets suspended all the time for posting nonsense and being confrontational. You’re a good poster and don’t need that negativity.

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Thanks @anon78876561

Thanks @lofifunk

People are always helping someone insane, I’m not attracted to, stalk me. People are threatening me for these people. But most people try to act like you’re crazy. I don’t really have a name to go to the police with, because I think if it was the person I actually went out with, he would be calling and he’s not.

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