If I told you about me

You would think I’m disgusting. I really wish I was different.


SZ people have problems with cleanliness and hygiene generally. It’s relatable.


I get disgusted with my body too. It loves to be dirty. As soon as I clean myself it starts getting dirty. It’s hard to keep up with cleaning it!

Dunno what you meant by saying if you told us about yourself. I assumed you meant about hygiene too.

I think I can relate. My mind disgusts me too. My body can’t keep up with its dysfunction!


Oh, @FatMama, I feel your pain. If I had the fortitude I’d post pictures of my place to show you that you’re not alone. I need to shower, badly. Need to clean. But the disease and leftovers of my meds make me so unmotivated and uncaring.

You are not alone. You really aren’t. Maybe you and I could work together and make baby steps each day or week? We could post encouraging stuff and our successes? I’d be happy to do that with you. We could do it in PM of you felt more comfortable


That would be good. And maybe it will encourage others too


I’ll make a thread, then.


If I told you about me…
REALLY about me…
You’d find a paranoid sad person who lives alone and can’t maintain friends so I drink to stop voices in my head…
I am truly the most un happy person you could ever meet…
My apartment is dirty most the time…
My libido is low from meds, drinking and depression
I’m over weight though I barely eat
I get no respect from anyone
God probably hates me
Im scared to leave the house most days

I’m a train wreck of problems, I just know how to hide it

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I’m pretty gross myself.

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I can’t bath more than once a week with great effort, I tried for years.

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I haven’t vacuumed my room or emptied my bin in months.

Fortunately there is no food in my bin

But still

It’s gross

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I haven’t showered in two weeks I only shower twice a month and I don’t wipe well