I gross myself out


I haven’t showered in a long long time. My toe nails are disgustingly long. Ì wear the same clothes way too often. Thankfully i rarely go out. Ì cry the whole time I’m showering. It does not make me feel any better. Ì wish it wasn’t like this but it is.


I relate to this a lot @Arlbar . I don’t really have any suggestions, but I hope things improve!


You sound very depressed, @Arlbar. Maybe you should speak to your pdoc about it.


Let’s set a goal. When can you shower? We are rooting for you!


I have an appt monday morning so hopefully he can help me


Tomorrow morning I will. Ì have a family brunch at 10am so it would be good to be clean.


I go through the same thing except I feel better once I get in the shower. Forced myself to go in 3 times so far this week. Normally 1 time. When my teen commented this past weekend I decided NO MORE.


I can relate too @Arlbar.
It’s a struggle to take a shower.


I have trouble keeping up with showering and trimming things. It’s hard when you have no motivation and depression definitely doesn’t help. Hang in there @Arlbar.