If I only had a brain, a heart and courage

Than my life would be complete. Oh yeah, I also need a small dog.


Follow the yellow brick road


Yep, yep, yep. lol.

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nick, don’t say that. you have such a nice character and that takes brain heart and courage.

thanks for being you. please don’t put yourself down.

hugs, judy


Thanks Judy, I was mostly kidding but that’s nice of you!

thanks nick. i don’t always catch on to when people are kidding around here. sorry. hugs, judy

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I find you @77nick77 as a nice person, you see you live there in Silicon Valley, so far from me and my life, but what unites us is this Internet …

If only I were healthy…
I dream to one day be healthy.

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How are things there in Israel … ?

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Your posts are often very amusing, if not outright hysterical.
You have a great sense of humor, and I definitely can’t say that about just anyone.
Laughter and humor are certainly therapeutic.

There’s only one doctor who can help. Dr Oz


It depends for whom…
Politically in the past Israel had problems, but now it appears OK…
Israel won’t be pressured to make concessions…
I do however hope that at a certain stage the matter with the Palestinians will be settled.
Apart from the issue with the Palestinians, Israel is a highly civilized country, technologically advanced,
it produces many patents and research for its small size.
The weather is very warm, the standard of living is not particularly high.
The life satisfaction of most Israelis is high, according to polls.
That’s a snapshot…
Also the fertility is high.

In the past I have known many Jews, they were in America, I have found them very positive and living, maybe one day I’ll have a chance to visit Israel, I know some people who have been in Kibbutzes in Israel. in America I read one book, the history of Israel.

At one point I think I had all three but now they’re either gone or on their way out.