If I don't do x , x will happen

If I don’t finish writing this sentence by 10 pm ( it’s 9:59 with unknown seconds) my family members souls will be replaced with imposters. These type of thoughts used to plague me and it feels good to be able to say it now and not believe stupid stuff like this no more. Just had to get it off my chest after 13 years


Feels good defeating delusions, doesn’t it.


Very good, just wish I could now defeat the anhedonia as well and be 100 percent cured.

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I get thoughts like this sometimes. They’re scary sometimes when they seem to be implanted and I’m not sure if it’s real or not. Usually forcing me to memorize things.

I used to get them all the time. If the clock woulda turned ten before I had finished ( back then) I woulda gone into panic attack. It was very stressful. This is magical thinking right?


I have no idea. I’m not very knowledgeable with regard to different types of thinking and different problems sz creates.

Can be ocd on top of everything else. Talk to your doc. There are some alternatives to ocd thinking these days and I’ve lived through similar.

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Yes, and I believe OCD can be comorbid with schizophrenia and schitzotypal quite commonly

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Many ppl have OCD without magical thinking, I don’t know if it’s separate diagnosis

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