If I do not have sz explain this

explain why my delusions started at age 11 then and lasted for years?? and why a doc called me psychotic based on my behavior (i wasnt violent or anything) and recommended me to go on APs months before I was diagnosed with psychosis NOS

Well as you say your psychosis started at 11. So maybe they picked up on this as they are trained to do.

Early onset sz exists though?

Yes it does ive watched childhood cases on YouTube

Im very sorry for triggering this in you, i didnt intend to.

Believe me though: I have had psychosis for years and years and years. From 2012. They saw i was psychotic and had me on AP, like you, but say it is not sz. They say the presentation is different. For a large part i had the same diagnosis like you: psychotic disorder NOS.

I know several autistic people who had years of psychosis, but not sz. They truly would have told you.

@Crystal-Cotton you are very lucky to diagnosis early.don t forget this.i wish they could diagnosis and force to me medicines 20 years ago.i wouldn t ruin my health career and teeth then plus without tonnes of humiliation stupid decision etc.believe me you are in the right and hard way.keep fighting it.if i get these medicine 20 years ago i would be in a really good position.believe me without medicine you will be never good position than medicated position.things getting messed up and messep everyday.medicines just give you a choice for normal life.i won t had this choice 20 years ago.believe me.


There is such thing as childhood schizophrenia, which means there is such thing as childhood delusions and psychosis