If I can’t volunteer at the zoo, or maybe even if I can

I can Also volunteer at the mental health clubhouse. Well the organization is run off volunteering. I went for one or two days back a year and a half ago in my neighborhood it was decent experience but I think it’d be much better now. U can volunteer in the kitchen. Is there anything wrong with volunteering at two places?

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I don’t think so.

My new back up plan is to apply to law school but I won’t pay for it. The VA probably won’t pay for it either but I will ask if I get accepted.

I thought about applying to be a reserve deputy sheriff. It’s a volunteer job. 20 hours a month but I don’t know if you need to carry a gun. I don’t trust myself with a gun. If I owned one I would already be dead.

I think the zoo is a good idea. I should look into that too.

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I think this is a really good idea. I live in a rough city even tho my area is pretty good…but like a lot of rougher people than I’m used to come to this place I know. I just feel more comfortable w/ these ppl since I’m sz and so are they we can vibe doesn’t matter their background. I prefer these ppl.

I was intimidated last time cuz I was in a terrible mental state but now I’m doing good I’ll get ppl respects.

U guys should know I’m pumped cuz last time I went to this place I had just moved here I was freaking insane and terrible anxiety and now things change. Remember driving to this place being scared I’m gonna get shot now I drive down this street all the time and well I’m glad I didn’t think of this idea earlier cuz I get stronger every day. And I’m definitely ready 4 whatever now.

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