Dvr got me to try volunteering

The counselor there and my therapist thought I couldn’t handle school, so the counselor suggested I volunteer till I feel better. They suggested office work so I’m looking at being an accounting clerk for a few days a week at the state judiciary. They are probably right that I can’t do school. Maybe next year though. They said I couldn’t do school based on the fact that I dropped out of the accounting program at my local university. My counselor also spoke of a volunteer program on the weekend to go turtle counting. theyll pay for part of my schooling if they monitor me and feel I’m ready. I’m excited! Thanks for listening! Do you volunteer?


I think volunteering is nice for a cause that you believe.

People and the environment need our help.


I’m going to quit volunteering in September, but for the most part, it’s been really rewarding!:grinning:


Turtle Counting :heart_eyes:

I’ve been volunteering with a cat rescue, screening potential adopters. I really enjoy it. I do it from home so there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of breaks and stuff.

Once I’m ready to get back into the work force, I might volunteer/work on site at an animal shelter part-time. Preferably behind the sceenes…

This is kind of what I’m working towards.


Cool @Mim130! What is it that you do?

Well, I am (or I will have been) what is called a volunteer escort at one of 2 local hospitals. I take phone calls at the desk, deliver the morning newspapers to different units and individual patients, help discharge patients, escort patients and visitors around the hospital and run other errands.

Before that, I volunteered at a computer access center that was based in a community health center building adjacent and connected to the other local hospital. This hospital is more of an administrative facility to some extent and doesn’t have a lot of beds.


I volunteer for a church group called the Legion of ____. I call up Auxillary members and ask them if they are still praying for our Legion. That’s part of my job. Another part is I operate my own personal website and through this website I proselytize to the world. I also proselytize on social media sites on the web. I live in an assisted living center and here I visit with the elderly and/or sick residents and talk with them every week. I also help lead a prayer group at this assisted living center every day. I attend a Legion of ____ business meeting every week. This is part of my volunteer obligation. I also occasionally attend monthly business meetings as part of my obligation. We have yearly Christmas parties and yearly Outings which are like special trips. We also have yearly rituals where we dedicate our lives to our volunteer obligations in a formal ceremony. I have been a member of the Legion since the year 2008. We make a formal Promise when we enter the Legion to remain in the Legion for the remainder of our lives. There are people in the Legion who are centenarians. There are many in their 90’s.


Too bad you can’t go to school because you can only remember so much in your long-term memory. It’s best to study in your 20s while you are young but I guess your mental situation calls for a different alternative such as volunteering.

Hope the volunteering goes well for ya.


I think volunteer work is good cause there is less pressure than employment or studying.

You are still physically doing good for the community etc

I used to volunteer work.

I am hoping to get disability pension and be well enough to volunteer work perhaps for meals on wheels or similar.

I really wanted to work as a aged care worker but could not but have thought if it be possible with just one client .
No more.
But I would have to be comfortable with them and visa versa.

My mum wants me to open my own business but I can not.
She said she would help me but I have difficulties socialising with most people etc
Finding a “doable” client for me could be difficult.

I believe I was a workaholic but only with my eons and possibly a bit with my eyes too but your body does not get paid for that as such so my income has been from centrelink.

I have not had many jobs of employment.

My longest time as employed was one year.
I did basic cleaning in two houses .

It was about eight hours a fortnight.
It started with four hours a fortnight.

I have certificate I paid for myself and that took me two years to complete.

Maybe something will come along that will suit both parties.