If anyone wants to talk

Hi I’m Gabrielle

I’m 26 and Im a good friend to talk to if anyone wants to discuss things:) and I don’t offer medical advice or can’t say much about medicine but I’m happy to just chit chat.

For those interested in online connections to help broaden our community and support each other!!


I take it your sz remissed? From what you’ve said.

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I want new friends!

Yeah I’m pretty sure yes because I don’t have symptoms of psychosis but sometimes mild ones just

It might be that it just went away

Do you work or are you in school?

My psychosis has been a real pain. It starts to cut me apart when I try to see it’s not real (or used to). I think I might be headed for remission but the future is uncertain.

Baby steps you know.

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Hi - Welcome to the site. We encourage people to keep their discussion here for the benefit of all - and for their own safety.

We are concerned that people could be using our site as a recruiting ground for who knows what - so - please read our guidelines - and avoid people who are new and just want to pull people off to their own private conversation.

All the conversations are anonymous here - so you don’t need to worry about privacy. And by keeping the discussions here in public, it helps your safety.

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Ok well we have private messaging for a reason and I’m not recruiting anyone.

I’ve been on the forums since they opened.

Most discussions are public that’s fine by me.

Advice noted. Im very careful I know the Internet is not safe and I don’t exchange personal info such as phone or email if that’s what worried you.

This thread is mostly for the people who are more well known on here and who want someone to talk to.