Is there a chat somewhere?

Is there a chat somewhere on the internet where you can talk to others IRL. I miss talking to ppl instead of only making posts and hope for an answer. I don’t have many ppl who I can talk to and be who I am… actually none. I always act “normal” and I don’t tell ppl about my illness. I’m afraid ppl will turn their back against me or belittle me and say it’s not that serious or that I’m making things up.

When I got lonely for human interaction I went to my therapist and found an SZ support group in my area. It’s just a few of us guy and galls who have been putting our heads back together. It does have a facilitator and we get together and just talk. I’ve been to a few dud groups, but it didn’t take long to find one I was comfortable with.


I’ll check that out. There might be a group here in my city. Thank you for that tip. :smiley:

Thank you very much firemonkey!

it would be a nice feature to add to the forum a chat feature, i know Ive seen some forums have it…

We used to have chat - but its a lot of work to monitor and make sure people are nice. Someone has to be in there to moderate all the time and we just didn’t have the time. We had a ton of complaints that people were mean - so we eventually closed it. Sorry.

could maybe get some volunteers, and get them on a regular schedule where their will always be someone on maybe?

I really hope there does become a chat thing on here. It would be really nice to talk to new people sometimes instead of just posting and waiting.