I need some new friends,,,

my old ones just bore the hell out of me…they are never online anymore…they have moved on with their women and my best friend doesn’t want much to do with me anymore…ever since we almost broke our friendship when i was in psychosis, we managed so salvage it, but it hasn’t been the same…were not as close and it has gotten even worse when he has his woman now…i feel depressed because i have nobody to talk to and relate to, someone to share my thoughts and laugh and enjoy our company…i feel there is a hole in my life that cant be filled…maybe i need some new friends, maybe i need someone to love, maybe i picked wrong in my life…i know i ruined my life by smoking pot, triggering my SZ…now im depressed all the time everything is dull…before i smoked i was happy, now since im sick im miserable…i have a low paying shitty job, and nothing to show for it but college debt…friendship is everything to me, and i know im not the best person at keeping friendships, they come and go with me…so if you want to be my friend let me know and maybe we can chat or play a game together…exchange information…

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pot triggered my scz too. I am doing quite well for someone less than a year after being diagnosed, i am in remission. Medication is whats up. It’s not like i chose to get better. I would he happy to give you any advice i can, i functioned highly, kept a full scholarship while i was unmedicated and now i continue to keep it, but i am basically as good as it gets right now. I am a psychology major too, so I know a little more than average about the disease. Ask me anything, I would be happy to share with you

I’ve had sz my whole life and I’ve pretty much lost contact with all my friends from high school. They all moved away for school and work. I currently don’t work and am on disability. I’d love to make a few new friends.

edit1: my e-mail address is I_deepintheunderground_I@yahoo.com

add me https://twitter.com/nahutree02

As always don’t expect too much from me.

I have very few friends as well. Chatting would be nice! Send me an email or message. I think weed had a lot to do with triggering me also… Cuz now I constantly feel the paranoia part of smoking and I quit almost two years ago. I do miss it, but my mind is much more manageable now. Hit me up!

I’ve had penpals with people online who have similar struggles, and it always helped me. If you want to PM I’d be happy to talk.

Sure, let’s talk.

I would like to hear of your psychosis, everything and anything about it really, i swear mine was just a haunting and would like to hear about yours.

It may have nothing to do with drugs other than the fact that it makes us more susceptible and easier to screw with.

i actually enjoyed my psychosis, i was very goofy and had strange thoughts, but not everything was good about it…but i had this feeling that i was free and had no worries in the world. i will go into specifics if i can if you want. i could not consciously know that i was in psychosis, it felt natural to me.