Fair enough

I think some people are looking for an apology from me. I didn’t get that at first. But before I make a formal apology I get to say why what they were doing was making me so mad. My rationale was that if they are, indeed, stalking me on the internet, they deserve to be told to go to hell. If they weren’t stalking me then there was no harm done. They were really pressing a sensitive button of mine, so I looked for sensitive buttons of theirs to push.

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It’s good to know your boundaries.

Sometimes here I think , in my moments of weakness , that peeps are after me. They are talking to me specifically…From the years of using the website I’m constantly surprised that it just isn’t so.

Mate. Don’t stress the small stuff and if you see examples that aren’t cool flag them for the mods to look at. Otherwise …keep cool. I can relate because I’ve been there for sure.

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