Disclaimer reguarding my posts here

All posts that I’ve made were for the sole purpose of helping people and not harming people in anyway. Sometimes people say things that they don’t mean.

I’m sorry if any of my posts may have troubled the community.

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I always find your posts to be helpful.

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Thank you turningthepage. You know I really hate social media… It’s permanent, it’s a liability, people take it too seriously, completely ruins the whole experience… context be damned!

It’s not even worth it for me to come on here anymore.

Everytime I log in I feel like I have to be a politician. Context be damned…


God!!! Someone help me out here.

Jeeeze Loweeeezeeeee!!!

I would also like to add that I’m sorry. My apologies a thousand times over.

Look I could probably count cards in a casino if I wanted to easily, If i bothered to study it- except I don’t do that because then they throw you out or worse maybe in Vagas? idk. And I speak three languages fluently.

From a far outside perspective, it looks like you’re making this way too hard on yourself. Try not to take it so seriously, okay? Just show up and hang out. No one expects you to be a politician here. Just let’s enjoy one another’s company.



Thanks for that. * tries to smile * .

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hugs Seriously. You just be you. You’re more than good enough for the likes of us :penguin:

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we all have our ups and downs…your input is valuable .
it is easy for us sz to take offence…or feel we have offended somebody.
you are a good guy… :smiley:
take care :alien:

Maybe Pudding the friendly fox will cheer you up.

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