I'd rather be forgotten than famous

I’m in pain and I don’t want to have a lot to do. I spend a lot of time on my bed clutching my pillow.


Same I don’t want all that attention that comes with it now.

If you would talk to me last year about it, I would have a very different answer, but now…not so much.


I’d love to be famous. Everybody would be like nooo our favorite celebrity has schizophrenia, we have to raise awareness!


I think the sad thing is that fame comes with its own pains and problems.

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I generally would also like to be forgotten, i utterly hate being the center of attention.
But, i am thinking of working at my disability advocacy place and i want to help people out like myself. I do already help in support groups as much as i can. So this i would not mind if people saw me as an advocate for change in the mental health field.

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Sometimes I want to be famous, but currently don’t want to be. I wanted to be famous for all the wrong reasons. It’s a much better life for me to be forgotten and alone right now.

I would rather be forgotten. Well as long as my family remembers me.

My dream is to be remembered for changing the world for the better. Though this dream has fed my delusions, I hope that I can (sanely) fulfill it.

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I would rather you be remembered than famous !

I would like a tiny little grave marker for all the evil I’ve done in life.

I’m sorry you feel this way @pretzel. I hope you feel better soon. I agree with you though, i would rather just melt into the background of obscurity than be in the limelight.

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Life is amazing. We are these crazy balls of energy but we affect others with our prescence.

I too would like to be remembered by those I love. I’m the crazy cat uncle who was always fun to be around…It would be nice to be remembered before we return to energy!


@martinhersey1, I’m guessing you have done no more evil than most people. It’s just that we’re not good liars.

Forgotten. If famous you would be remembered as a 2 dimensional character.


I just want to be a body less floating energy orb.

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Gosh, you’re going to have to explain that comment to me, @spiderpig

I just want to be an orb floating around minding its own business :joy:


Sorry about that @pretzel. I hope you feel better.

That was posted yesterday. Today is a new day.

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Sometimes when I’m doing something that requires focus I will see colors and bright lights.

I start think like, “Yes! Take me to the land with gnomes and dragons! An endless place beyond all place!”

It’s so cool but I guess it doesn’t happen when you want it to and thats the trick.