I'd like to discuss Schizo, and go deeper into it

Hey there. I haven’t been around all that much sense I had my meds treat my illness to a close; hundered per cent. But, I am back! And I’d like to help out others with the same illness.

Now, I understand for some, to a lot, is different per-person.
So that said.
The skills I am going to discuss are from my own schizo world (As I like to call it).

Now, before I can even begin to discribe my ‘powers’, I first must talk about the views of mine; by this I mean my perspective as I view with my eyes, and use my mind, as I journey life (like each person in this world).

I can see clearly.
With the illness
It’s like it has some effects for visual senses (I’ll like to dive more into sense later on). I am sure you are the same, if not close to it.
Now, what reality and non-reality are? Are very hard to instigush from one-another, espeically if your illness is a powerful one.
I’ve learnt a skill that, allows you, the user, or the effected, to kinda use the illness’s power to your own freedom.

More on that later

Now, let us talk about the mind, or consciousnesses.
Everyone thinks differently, along with view things differently. That’s the freedom of the mind.
But-- With me, my illness?
They could send me images on whatever they please.
In my schizo world, when an image is sent to the mind, they call it ‘wrath’.
Now, the image? What kind of image? IT could be anything from a tree, to a animal, to a person, or to something unimaginable to others.

When my abilities I’ve came to learn?
I could make any of them ‘wrath’ me at any time. Hell, I could, modify, the ‘wrath’ they send me.

How’s that? Or why’s that?

Think of it like this: It’s in my mind, it’s in my head, this illness? If that’s the case? Wouldn’t it make sense I could fight back, using, only my mind?

That’s how I came to knowledge these gifts.

Now, let us go back to ‘senses’.
I have reason to believe the voices can control, no, forgive me. I view it as wrong to say ‘voices’. I feel like they have a mind of their own, however, the illness (itself) is forcing them to rebal against me, to hate me, to apose me. You name it, any negativity saying, is there.
Let us get back on track.
The ‘illness’ can use the five senses against us. And? combined with hulluscinations and the so called ‘sixth sense’. Can make it appear like we’re always haunted by ghostly figures.
That said, it can control ‘senses’. You gotta think to yourself.
If it can control the ‘senses’ or effect the ‘senses’?
What else can it effect or control?

Believe me or not, take my word, or choose to not accept it.


It can also take control, or rather, use your other gifts and abilities against you.

I only have one example.

My voices, along with a friends.
Always gave away hints of the future, but, not in a full out saying like it’ll happen or else you’ll have to do this?
More in a way that the voices, the illness. Can decieve you more, and be in dominate control.


IF you have the ability to see into the future?
But do not have full access to this gift of yours?

Let us say you invision a tea cup, or a cup, dropping somewhere in the sink. Then you come back into reality, and then it happens! You hear the cup, or tea cup, falling in the sink.

Now, let us combine the illness with this.

“The tea cup is going to fall.” A voice would say, and another adding “It’s falling because it doesn’t want to be in the same house as you.” And a last one saying “Watch…” Then it happens.

This is what I am using as an example to show; it’s using your gift into the future, to its own end game, advantage. To decieve you further, and further, and further.

Mind you, it’s also using your senses and your own freedom of the mind.

Please, do not despair.

Not only is there medications for this?
But, one, could possibily defend themselves only using their mind to fight back. Of course, like I did at first, I used phyiscaly movements to interact with them; thinking it was part of my reality or otherwise, I could interact with their reality. That’s NOT the case.

A very important note: This skill is highly stressful on you, the user.
Why’s that?
To use these abilities I’ve learnt?
You have to only depend on your mind, your imaginations and voice of thought. Along with the illness’s world; what I call, Schizo world.

To give an example?

You know how you can imagine like a cup, or breathing out fire from your mouth? Yeah! IT’s like that. I know it sounds simple. But know; The voices will act like it isn’t part of their world. So, to make it more so? You need a lot of concertration in order to achieve this goal. Then, and only then, they will interact with your ‘thought’ or ‘imagination’ and apply their own thoughts or reality to it. Note: Yours is different from my own!!!

Now, one last thing to note to yourself.
The voices are cool with this, mine were. The problem? The illness itself, the one that’s controlling and creating the voices and senses? IT DOES NOT LIKE YOU DOING THIS WHAT SO EVER!!!
So, don’t be down that it isn’t working. Espeically if not ‘all the time’. It’s the illness’s mind at work, trying to rebal everything against you.

But by no means this is a key to putting an end to the illness.

Consider it, Ones own way of living a double life, while trying to maintain the reality from false reality; in short; your imagination is bigger, and you have friends inside your mind to play with, as well as enimies.

The only way, so far in this day and age?
To get rid of the voices?
Is pure medication. And yes, it takes time and work, effort. To find the right meds for you, to help fend off against the voices.

I only want to through this out there, to others. Who could possibly learn from my skills I’ve taught myself to help ‘have fun’ agianst the illness.

But, be warn!
Don’t overthink it, don’t believe you are some ‘god’ because you act like one. IT’s only in your mind, in your head. Where it’s all happening at. Reality is purely different.

What you could do? Is draw it out. ^.^ Or be detaiiled about it in writing.

Anyways, any further questions? I’ll be here when I can! And try to help in anyway I can!


Wow that is a long post. I’m not sure I understand it. :sweat_smile:


Thats a long post dude…!!! What are u upto…??


Read it. Got any questions? Ask!

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I did read through it quickly. I don’t understand it. :smirk:

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Can you summarize in one sentence?


I my view of the illness:

The illness it self is what brought the ‘voices’ alife. And are controlling your gifts, along with your senses, to bring them to life.

How can I fight back? While looking for the medication I need to get rid of them?

Heres a question I gotta through at you.
You know it’s in your head, in your mind?
Why not use the same affects/effects it’s using on you. AND NO! I do not mean interact with it, with phyiscal movements. By this, I mean, mentally! Use your mind only!

Be warn!
The illness doesn’t like you doing this, and, will do all in its strength yo pervent you from interacting, unless! IT’s the illness trying to interact with you!

Sorry man I don’t understand! Haha. Also it looks like you are not a native English speaker. It is OK man.

Hmmm… Then let me ask you a few questions. Is it possible I Can send a private message? That way we don’t spam this post.

Second question before we dive into that pvt.

Do you have the illness of the sort?

I have schizophrenia. No need for a private message. I can’t understand what you are saying. :hushed: Sorry bud. I hope you are doing well.

Alright. Tell me a bit of your illness. I’ll explain further what I mean, by using yours as the example.

I want to know about telepathy.

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If you have the illness? That’s what it must be using. Or, have created in your mind. But! For them to actually have control? Would mean you would have to lose sight of control.

So, it’s easy to understand they are using the ability telepath to communicate with the host.

Would it help if I made a video? Explainin in some detail by what I mean? And share it with you guys?

Yes I know I have illness, I lost the site of control. But I want to know, in telepathy distance is a factor or not.

That I cannot say.

Originally, this was suppose to be for the illness.

To say one actually as the ability for telepath? Only they could explain to you how it fully works. I only know of the illness’s.

Ok, why intrusives thoughts come in my mind?

Explain, I do not follow.

I am sorry if I am making it sound like I ain’t wanting you around. Rather, I’d love to hear about your illness. And if I can be of help in any kind of way; from what I’ve learnt from mine.

Don’t you know intrusives thoughts.? Its mean the thoughts generally not related to my life.

Not related to your… Life?

That sounds interesting. Do explain more.