I'd like a straight answer about AP's . Brain damage

I eat too much nutella, 6 fried eggs, pita bread, fries nearly everyday and sometimes fried bacon.
I used to eat 8 large fried eggs with lots of pita bread for dinner everyday while on Zyprexa, I developped fatty liver disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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Omg, I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve gained about 130-150 from meds. Idk I don’t kept track lol, sometimes I care sometimes I don’t. But when the rec center opens back up at my Alma Mater, I would like to get an alumnus membership to try and lose weight. I had lost 15 lbs when I got off of meds but I also had gotten really depressed and tried to kill myself. So I need meds, I just have to work extra hard to the lose weight and keep it off.

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See what I mean about the conflicting opinions?

I am also suicidal without meds. I have no motivation at all, its been years I stay in bed all day everyday, only get up to eat. In bed I either sleep or on this forum or 2x a week playing video games. My parents bring me my meds and they used to go with me to my psychiatrist.

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Yeah heard that they shrink the brain and increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Yeah. Every study says different things. The truth is, nobody knows for sure.


Yeah, I need something to do consistently or I am not okay. I need either work or school to keep me busy. I get bored, especially in the summer time and start drinking a lot when I’m depressed. I should probably tell my psychiatrist because that’s a clear sign of depression.

Yeah, idk lol I was watching a doctor on YouTube lmao. And he had said that :joy:

Maybe you need antidepressants.
They didn’t work for me though.

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My doctor was concerned about my BP and HR last time I went tho so I think that the APs do effect that.

Yeah idk, maybe a stronger one than trazodone…

I don’t have depression my psychiatrist said, I don’t feel sad, I only have no motivation or emotion. He said there is no medications yet for my severe negative symptoms :slightly_frowning_face:

Bored sounds like negative symptoms.
Do you feel sad or suicidal? If not you don’t have depression. Tell your psychiatrist how you feel.

My suicidal thoughts come and go. Mainly when I feel discouraged and feel like I’m not gonna get anywhere in life because of my illness. I feel at times it has been hard for me to make relationships because of my illness. That’s why I have to keep myself busy…

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I also have occasional suicidal thoughts like killing myself to go to heaven faster, no sz, etc My parents help me with those. I think everyone is going to heaven so why waste time living life.
Idk if thats depression or sz.

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I’ve been confused by that too. Because I had those same thoughts when I was first diagnosed.

Sometime if the ap dose gets too high it can cause that

I get a lot of my info from research projects I did in university. In my social work research practicum class, my group and I did a research project on suicidality and schizophrenia and how individuals are effected by schizophrenia. We had to interview people with the illness. I hope to get my Master’s and be a trained mental health professional someday in the near future.

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I was able to study and had good grades while on Abilify but my grades were in the 90+% avg GPA 4/4.3 before sz. I wanted to transfer to medschool right before sz hit me and my grades. I finished my physiotherapy major degree with 3.1 GPA. But I can’t even volunteer now on Risperdal 4mg. I have heart pain and feel I will have a heart attack soon. I can’t breath when this chest pain comes, feels like someone is stabing my heart.

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Omgosh!! :cry: That really sucks! Risperdal was the very first medication I was on. I was in high school at the time and I think it was making me really drowsy so the took me off of it. Risperdal is really terrible I think it’s the one that made me gain the most weight tbh! The only thing that works for me is Saphris. I tried Vraylar but it was making me to sick. So, I had to switch back to my Saphris and I’ve noticed my low mood and suicidal thoughts pretty much disappearing. I’m taking my driver’s exam on August 4th, hopefully I pass and then I think I’m gonna apply for grad school in October (Ohio State). If I don’t get into there, I’ll go back to my Alma Mater or maybe somewhere in Michigan.

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