Brain damage after taking psych ward medication

I have brain damage from taking psych ward medication. The best way to describe it is that it feels similar to a lava lamp. My breathing has been slightly affected too. I want to stop taking the medication for good. However my mom won’t let me stop taking it. I am really upset and wish to sue but I’m not sure if doctors can find what’s wrong by a brain scan.

I’ve been pretty depressed and upset over this. Psych ward medication is poison!


Tell your doctors, maybe with another med you’ll feel better.


I want to stop taking them altogether. What happened to me feels irreversible.

Don’t worry it is not irreversible.


Why were you put on meds in first place?


I hear you brother. That’s exactly how I felt when I got out of the psych ward.

I left from home driving aimlessly until I stopped at a college campus. I was thinking I was being stalked and was running away. I slept outside for a few days. I wasn’t thinking all I had to do was call my parents and tell them where I was. I ended up thinking I had cancer and called 911. I told the doctor I thought witchcraft was being done upon me. The term witchcraft was what got me admitted I feel. No, I don’t have cancer.

It is it’s been going on for months now.

Do you still take your medication?

Sounds like psychosis to me. Personally I would try other meds, the ones that regulate dopamine instead of blocking it, Abilify, Vraylar and Rexulti. What’s the problem with your current meds?

There is nothing wrong with my current medication. I’m taking a shot now once a month. I just don’t want to take them anymore since I took Respridal pills in the psych ward then my head started feeling strange. I don’t want to take any kind of medication anymore. It feels like irreversible damage.

Psychosis is dangerous. Don’t worry, lots of high functioning ppl on these meds and they have no brain damage, some here had MRIs to prove it. I don’t see why you don’t want meds if they’re working.

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I don’t want meds because of the irreversible damage that has happened.

There is no irreversible damage from the meds, you’re imagining it. Chillax.


Good thing they found you in time.

Untreated psychosis is damage. Meds may actually help form new neural links. If you stay here a while you’ll find that most folks do better on medication. It’s not fun and you’ll have some issues but it’s not brain damage.

Please. We are a pro medication website simply for the simple fact it works over placebo. Please don’t continue on this train of thought. It doesn’t help people who are suffering and some may be doing it harder than you.


Imagine that not so long ago, if you had an episode, you’d be thrown in an asylum to suffer an existence that was untreatable bar a lobotomy.

You would be out of your mind, and kept locked up in a dirty, crowded institution with no hope or prospect of living a normal life

They threw away so many lives in those places.

I think having some issues with meds beats that situation hands down


I’m seriously posting my MRA results again for people claiming that AP reduces brain matter…

I have had a misdiagnosis of sz for 5 years and have been taking meds ever since I was dxed. My neurologists were concerned that my seizures were from brain damage. So they did a MRA.

Results came back normal: no calcification, no reduced brain matter, no brain damage, no thinning or blocked blood vessels…nothing.

In conclusion, my meds did not cause brain damage.

I will make a post about meds if more people are concerned that their brains are damaged due to AP. Again, psychiatric meds do not cause brain damage!

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Yes, I’m on 3mg of Rexulti, which doesn’t feel as mind-numbing as Risperdal.

It’s more likely bad side effects than brain damage.

I’ve been through the ringer too.

I got back to my old self after meds were changed.

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