I would like to apologize to the community:

Hello everyone,

I would like to sincerely and deeply apologize to the community with my deepest regret and shame about the post I made couple hours ago. I will not get into the post’s topic more deeply as it might trigger others. I am generally new to this site, and I did not intent to make others upset or distressed. I did not mean to disrespect others of their faith backgrounds.

As a person who is pressured by others who have stigma related to my faith, I wanted to say to not to lose hope by providing my story. I did not intent to insult anyone- As I know the rules now, I will not and never make any posts related to this topic again. I can understand that what I wrote could be triggering, and/or sensitive, so I humbly bow before and to all of you in respect and with dishonor and covered in disgrace that I truly deserve for what I did.

So, to all the moderators, volunteers, and users on this site: I am heartily and sorrowfully sorry for everything I have caused. I am fully guilty for my actions and for my words. I am not a good person at all. I’m sorry for bothering you all and causing you so much harm. I probably don’t deserve to even be here. I’m so sorry for being a terrible person to all of you.

I’m sorry, everyone. I am very, very sorry…


It’s okay. Everyone, even people who have been here for years, forget about that rule sometimes. Thanks for promising to avoid the subject in the future.

You’re not a terrible person. You’re a good person who was trying to help.


Forgiven and forgotten


it’s all good, my friend.


Well, you’re apologizing so you aren’t that bad.


did you say RC cola is better than Coca Cola? no big deal, you didn’t know.

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it’s ok sure sounded like you meant well it was perhaps ignorance of the rules, not to be confused with dumb. some of us don’t read them and learn the hard way. Thanks for your humble apology though, shows you care.


Missed it so no biggie with me. I got my first flag yesterday and can’t figure out which post. Ah,well kinda wish I knew so I would realize what triggered someone


I think I saw that as well … @anon98519533

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I appreciate your comment. I agree that it is my ignorance- which I failed to be a good person in this community.

I don’t know if I can ever lift up my head to talk to you. I don’t deserve love for what I have done. I honestly hate myself so much for everything.

Dude, chill. The only post I’ve seen you make was the one about your religion, and it was clear you meant well.
Don’t spiral into a dark well of self-hate because you accidentally broke the rules.
At this point, most of us have been flagged or had posts deleted.

I uploaded a meme that unintentionally was a little too racist for this site. Mods deleted it. No biggie.
I’m still 80% convinced nobody hates me for it, and that people have forgotten by now


I have been suspended for a week, now I’m back if others like it or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@laetitia ignorance isn’t an insult it is an unawareness. we all have them don’t feel bad. you meant well i could tell. some people think the word ignorance is negative but it really just means not aware. nothing negative at all, didn’t mean it that way.

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