Apologies to forum

Just wanted to say sorry to samples and jukebox and malvok.
I shouldn’t have personal attacked and I am genuinely sorry.


We can all be passionate about our beliefs and it’s very easy to cross the line when arguing. I do it all the time. I’ve had terrible fights with a number of people here. I don’t hold anything against anyone. Consider it water under the bridge.


I think we are all here to re practice involving in a social community that would accept us the way we are therefor I would not be offended by people here and don’t thing you should too. One loses his strings sometimes and jumps to conclusions and opinions that doesn’t match with other peoples perspective. But speaking for myself I think it is totally alright.

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I don’t even know what you said to apologize for but if you say so, I accept. I too can be overbearing on this site…Malvok knows for sure…


hug kisses cheeks hugs

It’s all good.

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sorry samples :frowning: