I Apologise

so , i was a bit strong/harsh on a thread about religious sz cures…i have nothing against religion per se…or spirituality…just people who spruke false hope and snake oil cures to the more vulnerable.
i am all for alternative treatments and therapys’…
the person was new…
i came down like a sledge hammer…in my opinion.
i am sorry for this.
take care


good on you man. We all get out of line sometimes. it good you recognized it


I hate people who say religion is a cure all. It’s not. Prayer isn’t all it takes sometimes, sometimes it needs more than just prayer to work. If all it took were prayers there’d be no sickness or pain in the world. There would be no hunger, no war, no hate, if prayer is all it took. I also don’t like when people try ram their personal religious beliefs down your throat and say if you don’t believe what I believe in you’re going to hell.

I do believe in God but right now I’m a bit skeptical on mass religions because they all seem to be wrong on some points and they all have their own problems. God was before man, religion was created by man for God. I’m sorry if you don’t believe the same things I do, I don’t expect you to, just let me sit in my own little corner and believe what I want, what’s it hurting you any?


I think you showed a great amount of restraint. There are some statements that just set my teeth on edge. That is time I’ve learned to open a word document, type out what i want to say, let it sit and then see if I want to post it.

There are some my sis will shake her head and say, “Ouch… that’s a body slam”

I don’t have anything against religion either… but there just comes a point…

There were some God pushers hovering around my support group for a while and I was having a rotten day. I just cut loose this one time.

I was a bit proud of myself for that one. It’s a bit like… “God gave mankind the brains to make vaccines and medication to stay healthy and prolong life. So I’ll be sticking with the meds that were made by people who used the brains God gave them.”


I dont think that you were completely out of line @darksith - I think that religious topics are hot button - emotionally charged topics to discuss. I in the past have felt very strong about religion. I myself am not religious, and in the past I too myself have come down strong against religion. Just because I do not accept organized religion in my life, does not mean that others feel the same way - there are some kind, caring and non hypocritical members of our society that embrace religion, and this is fine - just please do not push your beliefs onto me, this is all I am asking for - and from now on I will do the same - I respect individual freedom


I may also have come down harsh, because I believe in God and all Islam teaches and follow a very organised religion, and I also apologise if I offended anyone with my posts. I don’t want to push my religion onto anyone either, because as our religion teaches - ‘There is no compulsion in religion’ It is a personal choice.