I worry about my future

I’ll probably live with roommates or in supportive housing with other mentally Ill roommates in the future.

I’m sorry @anon22846033
I’m going to have to get used to living without my father.
He’s been there for me for years.

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Wave, you must protect yourself first.
Dont let no one decides about your wellbeing.
You are not for life in group.

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It was initially my idea to get a special needs trust fund but I’m having strong doubts about my brother taking charge of my life.
He could well be a sociopath.

I worry about his girlfriend.
He is verbally abusive towards her too.

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Ten days ago I hade sudden pain, sharp in a left side of head.
My left side of face went numb, and couldnt feel lips, anything.
Called ER, they didnt do anything.
I finally decided to tell my father, so I dont end up with stroke.
He just said, literally “Dont be a pussy”…

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I’m so sorry @anon22846033!

That is cruel of your father and it sounds a lot like what my brother would say to me.

He verbally abused me then when I react he calls me ‘sensitive’

He is ■■■■■■■ evil.


Ok, buddy, we can go pm if you sometimes need it…

My phone is low on battery, I’m going to charge it now @anon22846033
Please take care of yourself and you can PM me anytime.

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