Brother being civil for some reason

my brother is bipolar, has autism and adhd. he was taking medication for years but he stopped when he was 26. he had his review and passed he was told he could work. he told me he donates blood once a week and that will get him some money but he is refusing to work a job where they give drug tests because he smokes ALOT of weed.

he said he smokes it because he is an ■■■■■■■ without it. he said he can work for a landscaping company with our cousin. but for a good chunk of the year they will be out of work. he can drive but he doesn’t have a car. he gets his last check next month and he may lose medical coverage.

i may not always get along with my brother there are times i may hate him but he is still my brother.
he has an appointment next month to see a psychiatrist but he said he doesn’t want to appeal the decision to save his social security benefits


Its good if he can work full time…!!!

i don’t know if he can honestly. he has a major problem with authority and a temper. he is also racist which he got from our cousin because he wasn’t always

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Could u guys search a good job for ur brother.
May be he needs help…!!!

most places that are hiring in his area are fast food and he refuses to work in fast food. he feels he is better than that, i told him get a job where one of our uncles use to work and bus tables or wash dishes he’s not really a skilled laborer having only one job previously in a fast food place flipping burgers.

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Okay man what is this qualification…!!!

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Sounds like my relationship with my brother. He’s also got attention deficit and some other issues and has a huge temper.

Hope everything goes well… If he works long enough and succeeds at that, if he becomes disabled again he may qualify for more funds. So you gotta let him do what he feels is best I think. The prospect of leaving social security income is scary, but the rewards are worth it if he can handle it.

A little concerning to hear that he’s racist though. It will be a problem if he can’t hide his dislike for people.

he has hit people before that is my main concern and he is not all that great at hiding his feelings towards others.

Well maybe yardwork/landscaping would be best for him, if he can save for leaner months.

I don’t know if he can or not. He is use to getting beer, cigarettes and weed whenever he wants.

I’m just curious. Does the place where he gives blood know he smokes pot? Maybe it doesn’t matter there if someone giving blood has drugs in their system. Yeah, it probably doesn’t matter because I’ve met and heard of other people selling blood to get money for more drugs and alcohol. And those places aren’t stupid, they know people who do drugs sell blood.

I don’t know, he probably lies.

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